What's happening in the Family Tree Family History Week?


13 April 2018
SM-38937.jpg FHWeek
We've got loads of free family history reads, downloads and more happening on the Family Tree website and Facebook. Check out our handy timetable so you don't miss out

Coming soon!

The first-ever Family Tree Family History Week starts on Monday 16 April. We have loads of genealogy treats and resources for you in store. Useful reads, handy checklists, videos, crosswords and downloads. You'll be able to find all these here on the Family History Week web page - as each day we'll publish new blogs and links. They are free for anyone interested in family history to download, use and share with your family history friends and relations.

Over on the Family Tree Academy Facebook group we've got more planned for you there too. Each day during Family History Week we'll be chatting about the 'Discussion of the Day' (topics ranging from DNA dilemmas, to the clues you might find in your surname, and how far can you trust those favourite family stories, and more). Plus each day we will also be looking at a 'Document of the Day' and thinking about the ways in which we can find clues in the documents and use them to inspire our family history research.

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We're really looking forward to Family History Week and hope you are too. It's a great opportunity to join in, get free advice, learn new things and share your own tips and stories too. Here's to seven days of free online family history fun, starting on Monday 16th April 2018.