WEBINAR COURSE: Learn about DNA for family history on the DNA Bootcamp


29 June 2021
Starting on 29 September this 8-week DNA Bootcamp from Family Tree is tutored by Michelle Leonard of Genes & Genealogy & Family Tree and will provide you with practical information to help you learn how to use DNA effectively in your family history research.


On this DNA Bootcamp you will have the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of your DNA test results, DNA match lists and of how to use the tools provided by DNA testing companies.

How it will work:

  • The 8-week DNA Bootcamp will comprise weekly learning sessions (4 webinars and 4 Zoom follow-up meetings).
  • All learning sessions will take place live online on Zoom.
  • Recordings of all sessions will be made available to DNA Bootcamp participants for three months after the final learning session is broadcast live.
  • Each week will provide you with new knowledge and step-by-step advice for you to put into practice yourself.

DNA Bootcamp participants will also be provided with The DNA Bootcamp Workbook before the Bootcamp begins. The Workbook will contain:

  • DNA Basics - the essential background DNA knowledge
  • Indepth visual guides to using the main DNA websites
  • Check lists - to help you plot your progress & keep organised

The DNA Bootcamp Workbook is included in the DNA Bootcamp ticket price as a digital edition.

DNA Bootcamp tickets include:

  • 4 live webinars presented by Michelle Leonard
  • 4 live follow-up meetings with Michelle Leonard
  • The DNA Bootcamp Workbook 

>> Tickets cost £75 (£50 Family Tree subscribers): to book, please click here.<<

DNA Bootcamp dates for your diary

The DNA Bootcamp will start at 7pm on Wednesday 29 September 2021 and the programme will comprise of a webinar once week, and a follow-up meeting the next.

  • Wednesday 29 September 7pm GMT+1 – webinar
  • Wednesday 6 October 6-8pm GMT+1 – 30 minute group follow-up meeting
  • Wednesday 13 October 7pm GMT+1 - webinar
  • Wednesday 20 October 6-8pm GMT+1 – 30 minute group follow-up meeting
  • Wednesday 27 October 7pm GMT+1 - webinar
  • Wednesday 3 November 6-8pm GMT – 30 minute group follow-up meeting
  • [NB clocks change on 31 October in UK from GMT+1 to GMT]
  • Wednesday 10 November 7pm GMT - webinar
  • Wednesday 17 November 6-8pm GMT – 30 minute group follow-up meeting

The DNA Bootcamp Workbook will also be available to purchase separately as a print product (£20, £12 Family Tree subscribers, plus shipping).

DNA Bootcamp Facebook group

Attendees to the DNA Bootcamp will also be invited to join a dedicated DNA Bootcamp Facebook group. Participation in the Facebook group is entirely optional but we hope that it will provide an enjoyable community space for Bootcamp students to share queries, dilemmas and successes as they work on their DNA test results. 

What attendees on the previous Family Tree DNA Bootcamp had to say about the experience:

A big thank you to Michelle, I enjoyed every minute of the DNA Bootcamp. It made me realise just how much I didn't know… Thank you for what was a most enjoyable experience. Chris

First off, it was a great series of talks. As a relative novice to DNA genealogy, who has been feeling his way, it was a marvellous exposure to what is possible… would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the subject in a coherent way. David

Thank you very much for putting on the Boot Camp. I learnt a lot, thought it was well presented and appreciate the notes for future reference! Yvonne

Would just like to say how much we’ve enjoyed the bootcamp. Wow how knowledgeable Michelle is, absolutely brilliant. Jenny