WEBINAR COURSE: Learn about DNA for family history on the DNA Bootcamp


12 January 2021
Discover how to use DNA for family history on the DNA Bootcamp with Michelle Leonard. Master the knowledge you need to make DNA work for your family research

Join us for DNA Detective Michelle Leonard’s DNA Bootcamp
Equip yourself with the DNA know-how you need for family history.

About the DNA Bootcamp

•    3 WEBINARS - The DNA Bootcamp will comprise a course of three webinars in which Michelle will explain the essential strategies and tools you need for DNA family history research.
•   ASK YOUR QUESTIONS - There will be the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each webinar, and Michelle will provide practical steps for you to go and try with your own DNA research.
•    3 FOLLOW-UPS - Each webinar will be followed a week later by a group follow-up session with Michelle, giving you the chance to clarify your learning, and solidify your knowledge.
•    COURSE READING reading material - sent out to attendees prior to the first webinar for preparatory reading
•    HANDOUT - circulated to attendees after each webinar and catch-up session.
 & RECORDINGS - recordings of the webinars and follow-up sessions will be made available after each week and will remain accessible to webinar participants for 3 months after the final session.

DNA Bootcamp webinar dates: Thursday 4th Feb, 18th Feb, 11th Mar, 6.30pm-8pm GMT
[No session Thurs 24th Feb]
DNA Bootcamp catch-up dates: Thursdays 11th Feb, 4th Mar and 18th Mar, 6.30-7pm GMT

DNA Bootcamp – tickets £35 and include:
•    3 webinars
•    3 follow-up sessions
•    DNA pre-course reading 
•    Course handouts 

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Any queries, please email Helen Tovey here.

PS If you have booked on the DNA Bootcamp you should have already received your Zoom invite link. If you don't have a Zoom lnvite link for the webinar on 4th Feb 6.30pmGMT please email Helen ASAP ([email protected])

What a former attendee said about Michelle’s webinar on DNA:

Enjoyed it very much. I managed to understand and feel more confident with my research. Mary

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