VIDEO: Mapping your ancestors with Map Explorer


05 May 2021
Discover the wealth of historic maps and mapping tools available at TheGenealogist: valuable aids to tracing family history, local history and house history.

TheGenealogist provides access to a growing range of map collections such as the Tithe Maps and field books, Lloyd George Domesday maps, Charles Booth Poverty maps, Ordnance Survey maps, and modern day maps.

The unique Map Explorer tool from TheGenealogist enables you to search on modern day or historic location, and track pinned locations through the eras, working backwards or forwards through time using the range of mapping resources available on the website. Mark Bayley, technical lead at TheGenealogist, finishes his presentation with details of future map and genealogy related plans that the company has, which will see the resources available to customers stretch back a thousand years...


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