Try the Family History Week Document Challenge


21 April 2018
Screen-Shot-2018-04-20-at-13.03.03-95169.png Try the Family History Week Document Challenge
Pit your wits in our family history document challenge. We've set you questions about seven key genealogy records that people use for tracing family trees. Download the test and see how you get on!

When tracing your family tree you'll find you need to track down all sorts of historic records and pick out those precious clues about your ancestors from the old documents. Take our family history document challenge and see what you know about these key genealogy research papers:

1 birth certificates

2 marriage certificates

3 death certificates

4 the census

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5 the 1939 Register

6 the Medal Index Card

7 and a will

Click here to download the challenge, fill in your answers, and find out how you got on (we'll post the answers at on Monday 23 April)