The projects & the people


18 December 2017
Jerry King from Wiltshire FHS talks to us about the key projects that the society is involved with

Q It seems as though projects are key to the role of Wiltshire FHS? Please tell us about the projects and the ways in which volunteers can become involved?

A (Jerry King) Founded in 1981, Wiltshire Family History Society (WFHS) is a focus for family historians living in Wiltshire, and for others anywhere with Wiltshire ancestors. About 1,600 members are linked through a quarterly journal and local branch meetings which are open to both members and non-members. Over 50 officers and members, all unpaid volunteers, help to keep WFHS running, develop resources, answer queries and manage the sale of publications.

One of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities has been by teams of members who meet weekly to transcribe from original documents held in the county archives. They have contributed a wealth of information to be shared worldwide in publications, CDs, downloads and via Findmypast. For years the principal commitment was transcribing pre-1837 baptism and burial entries for all the 300-or-so Wiltshire parishes. Transcriptions of other popular topics include poor law, bastardy, church records and more obscure indexes such as hair powder tax and pew lists. The first publications have emerged from a major transcription of manor court records.

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Products (printed, CD and downloads) are available online, via our website, or by post as appropriate. Search the free name index on the WFHS website to decide which resources to purchase. 

New members are always welcome, whether they wish to become actively involved or simply enjoy being part of the Wiltshire family history scene. 

To find out more about family history societies, the Family History Handbook is packed with behind-the-scenes interviews with key family history society members and a directory of family history societies worldwide!