The passenger list of the Coromandel


24 April 2018
Screen-Shot-2018-04-24-at-10.32.22-68431.png This is a barque, similar to build to the Coromandel
Suzanne Hirst has spent decades researching the Coromandel and those who set sail in her about 180 years ago with hope in their hearts for a better life. Here are the details of the people found so far...

Suzanne Hirst has dedicated herself to researching the vessel, the Coromandel, and the people who set sail in her, bound for Australia, about 180 years ago. In the June issue we have published just some of her intriguing and poignant discoveries about these adventurous ancestors, who risked all to start a new life in a new land. Below are the details of the passengers who sailed in her on that first voyage. Not everyone has been identified so far, but Suzanne and her fellow researchers continue to seek...

The following are Known Passenger names found and located from various records by Suzanne Hirst & Ross Watts. Additional names later sourced and added by Bill Othams, Beverly Ovenden, Elly Wild, Bernard O'Neil, MA, MBHA., Alexandra Kelly & many others.


Material extracted from  various sources including the Mortlock Library, Adelaide.,   Angas Papers et al. PRG147/13p.350.,State Library of S.A. , 

S.A. StateRecords, Netley., Royal Geographical Society., the Pioneer Association of South Australia and the Genealogical Society of South Australia and Family records.

Some listed here may not have sailed. Probable also there are spelling errors or duplication. The names I noted originally are entered in upright Capitals., c.1989..

additional names are italic. These names have been located throughout various searches & also input from others. Not all entries can be proven.    S.McD.H.              


                        The ‘Coromandel’.     Commander.    Captain William Chesser.

                                                            Chief Mate.     Mr. Edward French.                              

                                                             Second Mate.   Mr. Adams.                             Additional Notes ref.passengers.


BARNES    WILLIAM AUSTIN, 23yrs                     carpenter,builder                                Died May 1890, Hindmarsh. (Adelaide).

Barnes     Catherine (nèe Brennan) 26yrs                             and child Teena. 8mths.                          

BLACK               JAMES 20yrs.                                    labourer

Black         Caroline (nèe Whistle) 20yrs                                  wife of James Black                    

BLACK            THOMAS  24yrs.                                  labourer

Black     Hephzibah (nèe Whistle) age 21yrs.                          wife of Thomas Black

BLACK        WILLIAM Edwin, 22yrs                         labourer, tailor

Black          Mary Ann (nèe Bird) 26yrs.                       and daughter, 22mths                    

BOOTS               JOHN,26yrs                                labourer,sawyer                      With wife disembarked on Kangaroo Island.

Boots               Charlotte (nèe Catt),24yrs                         wife of John Boots

BOTTING          ROBERT, 20yrs                                  carpenter

BREACH                SARAH                                                                               married on journey to William Wiseman.

BROWN        WILLIAM VOULES                          labourer &  shopkeeper                               Died 1893, Adelaide.

Brown              Harriet (nèe Perkins) 24yrs                         and child William Voules, 16mths.      

BRYANT             JANE ANN                                                                            married on journey to John Steer.

BURGESS        EDWARD 23yrs                          agricultural labourer

Burgess           Susannah, 26yrs                                       wife of Edward Burgess.

CATHERY              ANN(e)

CHAMBERS      JAMES, 24yrs.                           agricultural labourer                             Died August 1862, North Adelaide.

CLAY                 JOHN (25yrs)                             carpenter, painter                          Died age 81yrs,1905,  Auburn. Sth.Aust.

Clay                     Mary, 27yrs                                   and two sons

CLEGGETT         CHARLES                                    shoemaker                                (on George Fife Angas original list).

COTTER        THOMAS YOUNG                                 doctor

Cotter             Jane (nèe Nicholson)                              and son, Thomas Charles Cotter.

CROZIER                JOHN                                                                steerage passenger        *see  Passenger&Crew entries.

DRISCOLL              JOHN                                         (Surveyor !)            steerage passenger       Died c.1907 Nth Adel.

DUKE              THOMAS CLAY                                                                                                                               Died age 83yrs, Penwortham, 1914.

DUNN(e)               EDWARD                                        farmer

Dunn(e)            Margaret, 22yrs                                         wife of Edward Dunn(e).

DUTHY            GEORGE, 18yrs                      Apprentice  to Dr.Cotter.              Embarkation No.317    Married twice, Sth. Aust.

ELLIS             WILLIAM WREN                                bricklayer                                     Died Feb. 1892. Bowden. (Adelaide).

Ellis                Jane (nèe Rison)                           wife of William Ellis

GAMBLE              WILLIAM                                     m: Adel. 1862,Susanna Stein.     William Gamble Died, Blackwood, age 75yrs. 1903.

GAHAGAN      BENJAMIN, 21yrs                      Boot-closer, shoemaker                   spelling variants Gahagin,Gahan,Geohagan  

Gahagan     Louisa (nèe Billion), 19yrs                                       and child (a son).

Gahagan                        Louisa Catherine                                        this child born c.1836 d.1837        * no death entry. This may be child buried off ship journey

GOODALL        WILLIAM 25yrs                            shepherd, mason

Goodall             ………age 24yrs,                                          wife of William Goodall

HAIR                    THOMAS                            oil  and colour grinder  

HARRISON         JOHN, 26yrs                                  wheelwright                                                *see further entry end of list.

Harrison          Elizabeth Mary (nèe Foulkes) 24yrs         wife of John Harrison with daughter, Elizabeth Mary Harrison.

HAYFORD         JAMES, 26yrs.                            lathmaker & hoop binder

Hayford       Mary Ann,(nèe Fortune), 21yrs.               wife of James Hayford & child, Sarah age 2 yrs.

HAYMAN               HENRY                                                                  steerage passenger   Died, age 64yrs, Echunga, 1877.

Hayman                   Eliza                                   wife of Henry Hayman                              

HENDERSON   THOMAS 36yrs                             labourer (gardener)        

Henderson      Janet, (nèe Allan), 37yrs                                      wife of Thomas Henderson.                                  

Henderson            Thomas, 16yrs                       son, listed as gardener

Henderson           Agnes, 15yrs,                        daughter, domestic servant

HILLMAN            JOHN, 22yrs.                                    labourer.

Hillman         Anne(nèe Jeffries) 21yrs.                                     wife of John Hillman.             

HOARE                THOMAS                                            -                      (a Thomas William Hoare d: age 35yrs, in 1848, Adelaide.)

HOBBS          FREDERICK 22yrs.                               navigator                         Fred Hobbs died age 66yrs Adelaide, Feb. 1883                  

Hobbs          Elizabeth Hannah[Ann] (nèe Lucas) 21yrs.          Wife of Frederick Hobbs.

HOBSON              ROBERT                                                               steerage passenger

Hobson                Elizabeth                                wife of Robert Hobson.                                                       

HOLLYER         WILLIAM,23yrs                                                    stationer                          (this name may have been Holloway)

Hollyer                wife age 26yrs.                              wife of William Hollyer. 

HOPSON        BENJAMIN 26yrs.                                 farm servant               only note of Benjamin Hobson in BDM entries. d:1872.

Hopson          Mary26yrs (nèe Donovan)                       wife of Benjamin Hobson

HORSELL       ROBERT JOHN, 25yrs                          labourer                              died Reg. 16th August,1900 visiting.Melbourne,Vic.

Horsell              Sarah(nèe Billette),24yrs.           and child,  Robert James Horsell,15 months.

HOWELL                ROBERT                  a Robert Howell died age 54yrs., Alberton, 1874.     steerage passenger

(Howell                                  Mary                    possibly sailed with husband Robert Howell.   (Not confirmed.)

HYDE             MARGARET, 18yrs                              housemaid

HYDE                   WILLIAM                                        sawyer

Hyde        Bridget (nèe Hayes),22yrs                wife of William Hyde, and son, 6 months.

(Hyde)                     (JOHN)                                                                      a John Hyde died age 50 years, Dec. 1851. Dist. Adelaide.

Hyde         ………(nèe Whitley),25yrs               wife of John Hyde with four (4) children.

ISAACS                 LEWIS                               plasterer & bricklayer

Isaacs          wife of Lewis Isaacs                           and four children.

Isaacs                   Caroline                                daughter of Lewis Isaacs.

KIDNER            Mrs. SAMUEL                          noted in newspaper account only                      this entry in S.A. paper of a later date.    see p48.

KLEINSCHMIDT       Friederich Wilhelm,                                                           Died, age 74yrs,1884 at  Lobethal, Dist. Nairne.

LEVY                    HENRY, 20yrs                                 butcher                   a Henry Levy died 1877, Palmerston.Northern Territory.

Levy           …………….18yrs,                                                   wife of Henry Levy

LEWIS                  JAMES, 24yrs.                                gardener

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Lewis              Eliza Margaret Hutton (nèe Bristow), 26yrs.   wife of James Lewis.

MACKIE                     S.                                                                    steerage passenger

MALPAS      Miss Elizabeth,18yrs,                      sempstress/teacher                  sister of William Malpas.

MALPAS             MATTHEW                                     machinist   steerage passenger This may be an error or duplicate by G.F.Angas.

MALPAS            WILLIAM, 22yrs.                               machinist                         Assistant to S.A. Bank Manager. d: 1899

MANN                CHARLES, 38yrs.       solicitor/appointed Advocate General.            m: Ann Malpas. Charles Mann died May 1860  (Adelaide).

MANTON            ELIZABETH                                     servant

MANTON       GEORGE Hutchins Toon,25yrs          biscuit maker                                   Died June, 1891. Mt. Barker.S.A.

Manton                   Jane,                          wife of George with sons, John & William Manton.

MATTHEWS            JOHN                                        gardener                  

Matthews              Elizabeth                                wife of John Matthews

MEDLEY             SUSANNA                                                                                                               m: Robert Thomson 1858, Gawler.

MENGE                 JOHANNES                               geologist /mineralologist/teacher/linguist   Died 1850's Castlemaine. Victoria.

MIDDLETON        GEORGE                                   bricklayer/stone mason.                 George Middleton died 1881.S.A.

Middleton               Margaret (neè Hay)              wife of George Middleton.

Middleton.              Emily, Mary, Margaret,& Sarah       children of George & Margaret.             

NORTON              ROBERT                                 gardener/carter                                 Died July 1891. Norton Summit. S.A.

Norton                     Mary                                 wife & child Mary Norton.

O’BRIEN                JAMES                                  painter & glazier                                First Immigration Agent.

OTHAMS              WILLIAM                                painter  & glazier                                Died April, 1886, Adelaide.

Othams                    Ann

PARSONS                                 J.                                                                             according to newpaper list only!   This name refers to a deserting sailor?p.52

PAYNE                 WILLIAM                                      carpenter

Payne                     Maria

PEARCE              WILLIAM                                       labourer                                      of Methodist Religion.

PHINDER                    -                                               bailiff

PINK                      HENRY                                boot & shoemaker

RAINHAM             WILLIAM                                         smith

ROLFE/ ROFF      ROBERT                                         mason                                                         possibly lived at Bowden.(Adelaide).                  

ROFE                    JAMES                                                                                                    m: Eliza Gillard, 1845, Holy Trinity.

SANDERS                J.             a John Sanders                       m:1/ Jemima Floyd, 1843 Holy Trinity.  m: 2/ Susan Morcomb.

                                             or a James Sanders        m: Agnes Shillabaar in 1845 at Penton Vale.

SHEPPARD            JOHN                          noted only  in the later newspaper account.

SIEVERS                 Albert                                         labourer.                                    Died 56 yrs age, 1852, Adelaide.

SKINNER             WILLIAM                                       labourer

STACE                 JOSEPH                                     brickmaker                        James Joseph Stace d: July 1873, Nth Adelaide.

Stace                       Eliza                         wife of Joseph Stace. Eliza died February 1837.

STEELE               SAMUEL                                 labourer/farmer

STEER                    JOHN                          farm servant/store assistant           married on journey to Jane Ann Bryant.

STEPHENS          EDWARD                    South Australian Bank Manager                    Methodist. Appointed J.P. on arrival. 

Stephens                Emma                                 wife of Edward Stephens.

SYMONS/SIMONS    JOSEPH                                      smith                     

Simons          Mary Anne Simons.                         wife of Joseph Simons

SYMONS/SIMONS   WILLIAM SLADE                smith & bellhanger           

Simons                 Pleasant                            wife of William Slade Simons.

TEMPLAR               JOHN                                                             Embarkation No. 315.      Two entries for a John Templar.           

VINEY                  WILLIAM                               carpenter & joiner                               Died Dec. 1881. S.A.

Viney                        Ann                                     wife of William Viney

Viney              Ann & Elizabeth                         children of William Viney

WATTS                   JOHN                             tanner/tailor/brickmaker               MethodistDied June 1895, Little Hampton. S.A.

Watts                   Nancy(nèe Ann Avery)                      and child, John Avery Watts.              

WHITE                   JOHN C.                                             baker                        Methodist preacher.. Died June 1904. Interstate.

White          wife of John C. White.                          and two children                

WIDGER               THOMAS                               carpenter & sawyer  Embarkation No. 305. with wife & child.

WIGGINS             THOMAS                              carpenter & sawyer                              Died 1916. Adelaide.

Wiggins                 Thomas                                        butcher                           ……this may be a duplicate entry.

WIGZELL            CHARLES                                                          Embarkation No. 335     

Wigzell                      wife                                    wife of Charles Wigzell

WILKEY               RICHARD                               brickmaker/farmer                            Charles Richard Wilkey.

Wilkey                    Rachel                     embarked as C. R. Wilkey's wife but not married at that time.    Rachel Way.

WINTER             AUGUSTUS                          draper/schoolteacher                            Died 1881. North Adelaide.     

WISEMAN            WILLIAM                                      bricklayer                         married on journey to Sarah Breach.

WOOD                   JAMES                                        plumber               noted a James Wood entered twice. May be duplicated.

YOUNGHUSBAND   ROBERT                                    mariner


It is necessary to keep in mind that almost all the men on board had wives with them and also some children, but not always sighted.


The four miners who were assigned to work with the appointed Mineralologist, Johannes Menge by George Fife Angas in Britain. The

men came as single passengers. They were from the Hartz area of North Germany.  +see details of their marriages following pages.

MEYER                      H.                             German miner and labourer

STACHELROTH         F.                                                  “

SICKERDIK               H.                                                  “

SANDER                    H.                                                  “


reference earlier to passenger:


 John HARRISON Application # 584 Embarkations # 319 travelled with wife Elizabeth Mary nèe Foulkes &

                                             daughter Elizabeth Mary.  John Harrison was a wheelwright. 

                                     A son was born on the 17th January 1837 on board ship after leaving Kangaroo Island and sailing

                                   across Backstairs Passage to the mainland.      Child named, John Coromandel Harrison.


THREE CHILDREN DIED ON BOARD THE JOURNEY. None identified at this time.

*A Gahagan child, Louisa Catherine born 1836, died 1837.                        No entry sighted in South Australian BDM records for this child.



MAY HAVE BEEN NEAR TO THE “PAGES’ (two tall rocks with sheer sides that offer no beach landing), but perhaps instead, near to this

point but ON KANGAROO ISLAND.                                           No further details found for any family identification. 2012.

[Absconding seamen, James Marshall, sixty years later interviewed by a newspaper reporter & by now an old man, reminisced: "A child died when nearing Kangaroo Island and the father, a cooper, put it in a cask.  The Captain hove to for the body to be buried at "that place"!            

                                                                                                                              Source: newspaper The 'Observer', 24th April, 1897.  page 16, column a.

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