Sources to help you trace ancestors' samplers


27 October 2023
Sampler from Wikipedia in the public domain
In the December 2023 issue of Family Tree, genealogist and keen embroiderer Michelle Patient, writes about the long and colourful history of samplers. She covers the clues they hold, the people that collect, preserve and research them, and the place that they still hold in our lives today. Below is Michelle's reading list, which she kindly shares for your further study.

Browse Michelle's reading list below, or download a copy from here.


Bristol School

Hands Across the Sea Samplers 


Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

National Museum of Scotland 

Norfolk Needle Art

Textile Research Centre

The Wilson Collection 

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Smithsonian: American Samplers 

Timeline of the History of Needlecraft 

Victoria and Albert Museum:

Whilst Iris Naps

Witney Antiques 

Floss Tube:
Nicola Parkman, Hands Across the Sea Samplers (HATS) episode 310 
Christine, Whilst Iris Naps episode 2 – Anne Logan 1840 
Christine, Whilst Iris Naps episode 6- Remembering our grandmothers 
Petites Lettres Rouges
Jacob de Graaf, Modern Folk Embroidery 

Michelle, Momma Loves you GB Sampler edition: