Manage photos, videos and documents with new update from Mylio Photos


31 August 2023
A new release from Mylio Photos adds improvements designed to help family historians find and share their memories

Mylio has announced the upcoming release of Mylio Photos an update to help users manage their constantly growing collections of photos, videos and documents. 

The release is the result of almost two years of intensive research and development driven by customer research to reimagine how to manage our most precious data: our memories.

With each new release, Mylio Photos builds on its commitment to helping everyone collect, organise, and share their memories—independent of the Cloud, accessible on every device—all while preserving user privacy.

Spaces: Clutter-free access to all your media

In this release, Mylio Photos users can organize their media into Personal, Family, Work, and Private Spaces. With just a tap on each folder, they can sort and manage their files in subject-specific views. Spaces provide convenience and help make large libraries feel less cluttered, whilst spaces offer security options for those concerned about privacy.

Mylio Photos+ users can craft custom Spaces tailored to specific themes. With remote control, users can easily provide access to Spaces for family members or other collaborators and control what they see and whether they can edit, share, or delete files. Account holders can also add devices, adjusting each device's access and views. 

A Mylio Photos+ library offers unlimited collaboration opportunities for families and businesses needing a central library with precise controls and privacy.

Dynamic Search: Find anything in seconds

Dynamic Search has an AI-driven index built entirely on the user’s local device to preserve privacy. No outside entity, including Mylio, has access to the user’s data. 

Mylio Photos’ AI-generated SmartTags create the index by identifying over 1,000 activities, objects, and properties. Examples include:

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  • Text in images and documents, found with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Faces in pictures, using Face Detection that suggests matches based on user input
  • Photo and file properties from the camera’s EXIF metadata
  • Embedded and user-added IPTC metadata
  • GPS data that’s reverse geo-coded into standard, human-readable addresses

Through Dynamic Search, Mylio Photos learns what users search for and compares newly added media to past searches. Applying QuickFilters to Dynamic Search can further refine results by Date, File Type, Rating, and more.

Shared Albums: Share without compromising privacy

Shared Albums allow Mylio Photos+ users to create and curate semi-private albums and share them with a select audience. Mylio hosts images on non-indexed web pages that make it easy to share viewing and downloads with just those you want. The user has precise control over what metadata is included in the files as well as a SafeShare option which removes all personal information to improve privacy and safety.


Mylio Photos (version 24) is scheduled for release on all platforms in late September 2023. Mylio Photos+, the premium plan, is available for $9.99 per month or $99 (USD) per year. 

  • Spaces will be available in Mylio Photos, with some advanced features only in Mylio Photos+
  • Dynamic Search will be available in Mylio Photos and Mylio Photos+
  • Shared Albums will be available only in Mylio Photos+

The version 24 release includes several additional features that will be revealed at launch to improve protecting, organizing, and sharing files.

About Mylio
Mylio is changing the way the world remembers. In a world overflowing with digital media scattered across multiple devices, Mylio Photos helps people bring all their photos, videos, and documents into a single, universal, private library accessible on any device at any time—independent of the Cloud. For more information, visit