Make a research log


18 April 2018
Low-res-research-log-image-15691.png Download our research log and keep track of your family history findings
Take the time to keep a research log and see your family history research flourish

Some people are born organised, and others of us sometimes struggle to keep a tidy desk. Whatever sort of personality type you are, keeping a family history log is so well worth it.

Keeping a log will help you keep track of your findings. It'll provide you with a reminder of the searches you've undertaken, the results you've found (or not found!). Remember that it's well worth recording 'negative' findings, that way you won't waste time, a few months down the line, repeating unsuccessful searches.

A research log doesn't need to be complicated and to help you focus your thoughts as to what to include we have a free printable research log sheet. Simply download and print out the file, pop it in your folder, and you'll always have it to hand to fill in, every time you sit down to research your ancestors' lives.

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You can find our research log here.

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