How to trace your ancestor in the workhouse


07 June 2024
George_Cruikshank_Oliver_Twist life in the workhouse family history The famous Workhouse scene in which Oliver Twist asks for more
Susie Kearley looks at the history of this dreaded institution and investigates the lives of our poor ancestors who had to resort to the workhouse. Learn about the reasons why our ancestors fell on hard times and the solutions (or lack of) to help them. Sometimes the workhouse was the only option

How to trace the history of workhouses & how to learn about workhouse inmates

Local and county archives have records of the workhouses and include information on the inmates. Some records have been lost but you may find admission and discharge books or registers of births, baptisms and deaths, details of staff appointments and general correspondence.

Learn how to track down and use workhouse records for family history in the July issue of Family Tree

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