How to log in to Study Club


13 February 2023
If you are a subscriber to Family Tree and/or a member of Family Tree Plus you are very welcome to join the monthly online Zoom Study Club meetings. They take place 6.30-7.30pm UK time, usually on the second Monday of the month. Read on for how to attend...

Step 1: go to and log in. (If you have not yet created a log-in, then you will need to register.)

TIP: always use the same email for log-in (and when you initially register) as you use for your subscriber and/or membership account. Then the system will know that you are a current customer.

Step 2: choose 'Study Club' from the menu. Scroll down that page and you will see the link for the next Zoom meeting. Click to join!

TIP: if you are visiting from a mobile or tablet (as opposed to a laptop or desktop) then the menu will not be displayed across the screen. Instead look for the menu icon (three little horizontal lines). Click this and the menu will appear.

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Any problems, please email [email protected] or [email protected]


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