How to build your family tree FREE on FamilySearch


12 June 2024
Learn about automated tree build functionality at FamilySearch shared online family tree Learn about the automated tree build functionality at the FamilySearch shared online family tree
Here's a simple 4 step guide to building an online family tree free at FamilySearch.

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Step 1:

Register your account at

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Step 2:

Start your tree with yourself. Remember the golden rule: build backwards and outwards in time, from details that you know.


The details of all living people in your family tree will only be visible to you. The details of the deceased will be publicly available however. When you add new people, be sure to assign them as 'living' or 'deceased' accordingly. This is important to protect the privacy of the living.

Step 3:

Gradually fill in the vital biographical details for each member of your family tree and watch the family network grow.

Step 4:

A person’s full profile view gives you an extremely useful at-a-glance summary of all their close family members too. If you are wishing to find living descendants of your ancestors, including as many of your ancestors’ siblings as possible, will help you and those living descendants find one another. 


The FamilySearch Family Tree is collaborative, as it aims to create one vast global online tree. This means that you will be able to benefit from other people’s research: e.g. discoveries about your shared ancestors that they have made. It also means that people can change, correct and add to each other’s entries. 

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In quick time

The FamilySearch online Family Tree builder includes automated functionality to make tree-building quicker. Be sure to of your facts, verifying as you go. Learn more about the FamilySearch Family Tree automation here

These tips are taken from the Family HIstory Workbook for Beginners (£11.99) out now! Grab your copy here