The people, places & stories: discover how to research the history of your road


12 June 2020
#StoryOfOurStreet Adele's tip: mixed era buildings, as seen on this street, make for a very interesting street to research
Neighbourhood has never been more important and when Neil McClennan (contributor to Family Tree sister title, History Scotland) thought of the idea of a street history ‘project’, Rachel Bellerby decided it was too good not to share...

By good chance Adèle Emm had thought of the very same topic for her article in the July issue of Family Tree (there’s definitely something in the air!). So working together Family Tree and History Scotland are delighted to announce the #StoryOfOurStreet project.

Who can join in?

Anyone, from wherever you are on the globe, is welcome to join in the #StoryOfOurStreet project. All you need is curiosity about the place you live.

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How to get started

Sign up for the Family Tree enewsletter and we’ll email you your free #StoryOfOurStreet checklist, which is packed with ideas and websites to begin learning about the history of your road. If you already get the enewsletter, you’ll find the check list is emailed to you.

Dig deeper

Find out how to research the history of a road (the essential websites and records you need to use) in the July issue of Family Tree. In her article researcher Adele Emm gives advice on how to spot clues and uncover stories of events, lives, businesses and noteworthy events down your street.

The top 3 records Adele recommends for researching your road:

  • Newspapers
  • Censuses
  • Electoral rolls

In the July issue she demonstrates how they'll help you uncover clues and gather evidence.

Your #StoryOfOurStreet project

Whatever you do discover, we’d love to hear from you and look forward to sharing your stories and pictures with fellow readers. In these times, when we’re all spending more time than usual at home, what could be better than taking the opportunity to discover the history on your very own doorstep. Wishing you an absorbing time with your #StoryOfOurStreet discoveries.

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