Discover new genealogy datasets! How to find out the latest family history records


26 April 2024
For beginners How to find new family history records Discover the easy ways to find the newest family history records online
Get the 5 must-know web links you need to keep up with the latest online family history record collections. They will help you to track down new genealogy records to help your ancestor search today!

It can be hard to keep pace with the literally billions of family history records that get added online. These links below, however, will help you keep track of the newest arrivals on the major family history websites. Be sure to bookmark them for visiting time and gain.

How to find out the newest family history record collections

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How to find out the latest datasets & records on Ancestry

For Ancestry use the Card Catalogue (Choose ‘Search’ from the menu and scroll down to ‘Card Catalogue’)

How to find out the latest international records on FamilySearch

For FamilySearch – browse all collections. You need to log in (it’s free to create an account). This is how you find 'browse all collections': From the menu choose: Search > Records > Find a collection > Browse all collections.

Tip! Select ‘Last updated’ to order the collections.

How to find the most recent records online at Findmypast

Go to Findmypast and visit the What’s New? blog posts.

Tip! You can use Search All Records Sets to see what Findmypast have (but you can’t sort it the date on which records have been added to the website).

How to find the newest records on MyHeritage

For MyHeritage use the Collection Catalog (Choose Research > Collection Catalog. Then sort by ‘Last updated’).

How to find the latest records added to TheGenealogist

For TheGenealogist – explore their chronological News blog.

Tip! Use TheGenealogist’s Master Search to search across all TheGenealogist collections.

Put a date in your diary... Professional genealogist Lisa Lisson  recommends making a note in your calendar to check what’s new on the websites you like to use every 6 months.