Three reasons you might create more than one family tree


02 February 2023
Inspired to create more than one family tree? Read on for three reasons you might want to make multiple trees...

Great reasons for creating multiple trees are:

1 The work-in-progress family trees favoured by DNA family historians (who create private family trees on which to record their work-in-progress research). Such a tree can help you work out how you're related to a DNA match.

2 A surprise family tree dedicated to the ancestry of a relative to commemorate a special date or event. If someone has a landmark birthday or anniversary coming up, why not trace their ancestors back a few generations and present them with their own tree?

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3 The family tree of someone not related to you, but who is the subject of your house history, or a book you’re writing, for example. If you ever feel like a bit of a break from your own ancestors, this can be a great side project.

Some websites will allow you to create multiple trees – so where this facility exists why not make use of it?

Extracted from 'do's and don't of creating a family tree' in the March 2023 issue of Family Tree.