Updated communities now available at Ancestry


01 February 2021
If you’ve taken a DNA test with Ancestry and have ancestors in Germanic Europe or some US regions, you may want to log back into your results, as new communities have been added to the database.

Since 2019 Ancestry has offered five ‘significant updates’ covering diverse cultures and locales and this latest update concerns those with ties to Germanic Europe (33 updated communities) and US Regions of New England (26 updated communities), the Mid-Atlantic (151) and the Midwest (138). 

A community is a group of AncestryDNA® members who likely descend from a population of common ancestors, people who travelled ​to the same place​ around the same time, or ​from the same place around the same time. Ancestry analyze genetic connections between groups of AncestryDNA members and then use public family trees, ethnicity data, and historical records to determine where this group of people lived over time. 

See the updated communities at Ancestry.

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