Taken a DNA test for family history? You NEED to do these next three steps…


28 November 2019
DNA projects
Taking a DNA test to explore your ancestry is just the first step. Get more from your results with these three mini project.

1. Upload & download your raw DNA

To maximie your chances of making matches, it’s worth downloading your raw DNA and uploading it to other DNA companies’ websites wherever possible.

  • See a chart showing which companies accept uploads here
  • Read instructions on how to download and upload your raw DNA here

2. Add your DNA & GEDcom to GEDMatch

In addition to the other testing companies you can also upload your raw DNA (and a GEDcom file of your traditional family history research to GEDMatch. Again the reason for doing this is to increase your chance of finding matches.

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3. Explore the automated theoretical trees

Many of the DNA testing companies offer tools to help you. For example, Ancestry Thru Lines and MyHeritage Theory of Relativity both compare your DNA with others on your match list and draw in traditional family tree material on their websites to help determine how your family trees fit together.

The more traditional research you’ve undertaken yourself, the more readily you’ll be able to verify (or dismiss) these potential ancestors.

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