New DNA innovation: Sideview, from Ancestry


14 April 2022
A new innovation from Ancestry DNA allows you to view DNA inheritance by parent, without the need to test a parent.

Ancestry has unveiled SideView™ technology, a ‘first-of-its-kind scientific innovation’ that separates DNA into parental sides, giving AncestryDNA customers new insights into which side of the family they inherited their genetics from. Ancestry is the first company to be able to provide this type of genomic information without requiring a parent to be tested. 

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Phasing or understanding genetic inheritance without having genetic samples of an individual’s parents is a problem that scientists have been trying to solve for decades. The Sideview technology means that Ancestry can phase a customer’s entire genome into parental sides using the DNA they share with relatives in the AncestryDNA database - their DNA matches - to provide an even greater level of detail for genomic discoveries. Grouping of matches is the first critical step in phasing DNA using SideView technology.

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This process enables ethnicity inheritance - the newest AncestryDNA feature being powered by SideView, which informs the user which side of the family they received each of their estimated ethnicities from. 

Which parent did I inherit a particular ethnicity from?

Brian Donnelly, Senior Vice President and General Manager of AncestryDNA at Ancestry, said: ‘Understanding ethnicity and community inheritance in more detail has been the number one request from Ancestry customers for years. In fact, in a recent survey, we learned that one in three people don’t feel knowledgeable about their family history and origins and want to learn more. With our new SideView technology, we can now tell customers with great confidence from which side of the family they received their ethnicities and in the future, we’ll also be able to tell them which communities and DNA matches are from each side of the family.’

Ethnicity inheritance, powered by SideView technology, is available now for all AncestryDNA customers. You can purchase an AncestryDNA kit at Ancestry