New Asia and Europe regions added to Ancestry DNA ethnicities


05 October 2023
The new Ancestry DNA regions include Eastern European Roma
Ancestry has announced an update to its ethnicity estimates, further breaking down the regions where your ancestors may have lived.

This brings Ancestry DNA’s global ethnicity regions to 88, with a total of 2,500 DNA communities (which pinpoint specific communities where your ancestor might havel ived).

The new regions include Western China, Maritime Southeast Asia, Western Philippines, and Eastern European Roma. Ancestry explain that some of their customers will see new or updated regions in their ethnicity estimate, whilst others may see a change in the percentages of their ethnicity estimates, reflecting improvements in their results following this latest update. 

A spokesperson for Ancestry DNA explained on their website: ‘As our DNA network expands and science advances, we are able to provide even more detailed insights about your heritage and new family history discoveries using genetics. With this updated ethnicity estimate, we can better connect you to people in different regions of the world through our reference panel and suggest where your ancestors were most likely from. ‘

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