Introducing cM Explainer™ from MyHeritage


03 March 2023
New MyHeritage feature accurately estimates relationships between DNA matches.

MyHeritage has announced the release of cM Explainer™, which;

  • offers a detailed prediction of the possible relationships between two DNA matches and the respective probabilities of each relationship
  • determines their most recent common ancestor
  • displays a diagram showing their relationship path.

cM Explainer™ is fully integrated into the MyHeritage platform to shed light on any DNA Match found on MyHeritage, and is also available as a standalone tool to benefit consumers who have tested with other DNA services.

Centimorgans and age

cM Explainer™ is unique in the way it uses both the centimorgan value as well as the ages of the two individuals (if known) to fine-tune its predictions, making MyHeritage the only major genealogy company to offer relationship prediction at this level of granularity and accuracy.

MyHeritage’s cM Explainer™ takes into account the age of each match and assigns a unique probability to every relationship, further reducing confusion by avoiding ambiguous relationship terms used by other tools, such as “first cousin once removed” (sometimes written in excessively technical codes such as “1C1R”), and instead replaces them with clear relationships such as “parent’s first cousin” or “first cousin’s child”, as the case may be. 

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For example, in a DNA Match where there are 1,600 cM of shared DNA between two people who are age 35 and 40, MyHeritage will tell the user simply that the match is most likely a half-sibling with 90.4% probability, whereas a popular alternative tool states a 100% probability for the match to have any of the following possible relationships: grandparent, aunt or uncle, half sibling, niece or nephew, or grandchild, leaving the user baffled. This makes MyHeritage’s cM Explainer™ the most useful tool for relationship prediction of DNA Matches on the market, for novices as well as experienced genetic genealogy professionals. 

Using cM Explainer™

cM Explainer™ is a free feature and is available to anyone with DNA results on MyHeritage. It is also available as a free standalone tool for non-MyHeritage customers at MyHeritage. MyHeritage DNA kits are available for purchase at MyHeritage.