Discover the story hidden in your genes.


23 July 2018
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‘You’ve got your father’s eyes’, ‘Goodness you remind me of Nan as a girl’ …


We don’t need a scientist to tell us about our family traits.


One of the first comments that are made about us, as we enter this world as a tiny babe, are carefully made judgements pronounced by our nearest and dearest as to whether we favour the looks of our mother or our father.

Nowadays, however, these fondly made assertions can be backed up by genetics. Since the year 2000 – when the first DNA test for family history reasons was invented – DNA testing for family historians has been becoming more and more popular.

It was a ‘slow burn’ to begin with. But in the past couple of years that story has changed dramatically. Today millions of people around the globe have taken a DNA test to help them find out more about their family tree. You can join in too. Here’s how…

  • At Family Tree Live – 26-27 April 2019 – leading DNA genealogy companies will be on hand to help you learn the secrets of DNA.
  • Family Tree DNA – sponsor of the Family Tree Live DNA Hub – will be offering the full range of DNA tests: Y-chromosome (father’s line), Mt-DNA (mother’s line) and autosomal (Family Finder).
  • The dedicated DNA lecture programme will feature experts from the International Society of Genetic Genealogy.
  • And DNA workshops will give you the opportunity to sit down and gain first-hand experience in understanding DNA test results and how to use them for family history success!
  • MyHeritage will be also be attending, providing you with the chance to combine your DNA with that of traditional records-based research.

Come and discover the story hidden in your genes at Family Tree Live 2019.


Family Tree Live will be held in the Great Hall, Alexandra Palace by Family Tree in partnership with the Federation of Family History Societies.

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