Discover Ancestry DNA compare


08 December 2023
Get your friends and family involved in DNA discoveries. With the new AncestryDNA Compare tool you can see how your ethnicity estimates and genetic communities compare with theirs.

Using the AncestryDNA Compare tool you can compare your estimated ethnicity percentages and your genetic communities with family and friends.

Go to DNA and choose ‘Compare’ from the drop-down menu.

1 Note the two tabs – one for comparing ethnicity estimates, and the other for genetic communities.

2 Simply select ‘Add someone’ to include further people. You may compare up to 10 people at one time.

3 Two of your closest matches will already be visible.

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• In addition to the people on your DNA match list, you can compare with anyone else who’s shared their results with you.

• In order to compare with non-biological relatives or friends, they need to share their AncestryDNA results with you and they also need to be participating in matches.

• You can view any number of combinations of DNA comparisons – simply add, remove and add again, as you wish – viewing comparisons for up to 10 people at any one time.

• When you add someone to DNA compare, you can see any ethnicities and communities they’ve made visible to you. That could be all of them, or it could be only the ethnicities and communities you have in common. That depends on their settings. AncestryDNA members choose whether to show all their ethnicities to DNA matches or to show only the regions you and they have in common.

You have control over which ethnicity regions and communities are shown to your DNA matches. The default setting is show ‘Full ethnicity regions and communities’, or you can choose to show only ‘In-common ethnicity regions and communities’.

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