Ancestry SideView By Parent


02 November 2022
The new DNA tool from Ancestry is called SideView By Parent and it is gradually being applied to Ancestry accounts. i.e. some AncestryDNA customers have it, and some are waiting for it. Here are a few starter questions that you may find useful, whether you already have SideView By Parent, or whether you are waiting for it.

How do you know if you have SideView By Parent?

Go to your DNA Matches pages on Ancestry. If you have SideView By Parent the tabs below your name will be: ‘By Parent BETA’, ‘All matches’ and ‘By location’.

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How does SideView By Parent work?

The SideView By Parent technology works by analysing the segments that you share with your DNA matches. It does not study the family trees of matches, and it does not require either of your parents to have taken a DNA test in order to allocate your DNA matches to your two parental groups. SideView By Parent technology is solely based on the DNA that you share with your matches. It will sort your DNA match list, defining most matches to either Parent 1 or Parent 2.

What does ‘Unassigned’ mean?

This means that either Ancestry was not able to assign a DNA match to either your Parent 1 or Parent 2 group. Or it means that you have tested since Ancestry last did an update. When they next update – which is every few months – then previously unassigned DNA matches should be attributed to either Parent 1 or Parent 2.

How can a DNA match be related to ‘Both Sides’?

If any of your descendants have tested then they will be related to both your paternal and your maternal side. Long in to the future this may cease to be the case. But most people on the planet at the moment are likely to have a maximum of 3 generations of descendants so your descendants will all share DNA with you.

Where can I learn more about SideView By Parent?

Read the Ancestry White Paper
Learn more about SideView technology, specifically concentrating on SideView by Ethnicity, here:

How is SideView By Parent connected to SideView By Ethnicity? 

If you have already defined your Parent Sides in SideView By Ethnicity then this will relate to your SideView By Parent. E.g. your Parent 1 in SideView By Ethnicity will also be your Parent 1 in SideView By Parent.
Note that for some people Parent 1 is their father’s side, and for others their mother’s side. 
Your ethnicity may help you work out which side is which - e.g. do either of your parents have a distinctive ethnicity interitance. Your DNA matches will help you define your parents too. E.g. a known first cousin on your DNA match list will be listed under Parent 1 or Parent 2. As you will know whether the cousin is related to your on your paternal or maternal side, you will be able to label the side with the cousin in by the relevant parent side. (Have a go – it’s easier than we’re making it sound!).