Guide to the 23AndMe DNA test


06 May 2021
Is the 23AndMe DNA test right for me? Read on to find out what this DNA kit offers for family history.

What are the benefits of the 23AndMe DNA test? What does it offer that other tests don't? 

Autosomal DNA tests are the most useful for doing your family history and discovering unknown parentage, making the MyHeritage DNA test a good choice. But is it right for you?

Read on for five top benefits:

1. 10 million+ database

The large, global database of test users gives you a good chance of finding other test takers with whom you share an ancestor. The optional DNA Relative Finder offers you the chance to search for possible matches, message other users and compare ancestries.

2. Ethnicity estimates include ancestry composition chromosome painting

Your 23AndMe results tools include ancestry composition chromosome painting, a process that 'paints' your genome in different colours, to represent different ancestries.

3. Link to your online family tree

If you already have a family tree online, you can link your results to a tree hosted by:


4. Neanderthal DNA!

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Travel back 40,000 years and discover how much of your ancestry can be traced back to Neanderthals, and learn more about our human origins. 

5. 2,000+ global locations

23AndMe state that they offer the most complete genetic breakdown on the market - over 2,000 global locations, in some cases going down to county level. Your ancestry detail report will include population-specific reports that offer a granular view of your ancestry background. 

For more on the test, visit 23AndMe.

Click here for Family Tree's DNA test comparison page.

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