New legal ancestor records added to TheGenealogist


29 August 2023
Royal Courts of Justice, London
New records spanning the years 1780 to 1911 have been added to TheGenealogist, allowing researchers to discover more about ancestors in the legal profession.

Judges, barristers and other court officials are some of the people included in this new release, which covers well over a century.

These book records can give you interesting facts about an ancestor, often revealing useful details of their lives beyond simply their professional particulars. 

These resources can be used to reveal:

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  • addresses of ancestors in the legal profession
  • confirm or unearth relevant dates
  • some biographical entries will even give names of other family members
  • schools and universities that forebears attended
  • the qualifications that an ancestor gained
  • details of judges and lawyers involved in an ancestor’s cases

The release includes: Clarke's New Law List [1824], The Law List [1908], Notable Middle Templars [1902], Men-at-the-Bar, A Biographical Hand-List [1885], The Law List [1882], The American Law List [1911], The Law List [1866], Browne's General Law List [1780] and The Law List [1854].

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