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18 July 2022
Explore your ancestors' land over the ages, even if the area has completely changed
View your ancestors’ land and homes plotted through the ages on Victorian Tithe Maps, as TheGenealogist announce the availability of the complete National Tithe Record Collection for England.

TheGenealogist’s Map Explorer™, now has all of the English counties’ Tithe Records and Maps available to its Diamond subscribers.

What are tithe records?

Tithe records cover the majority of the country and were created by the 1836 Tithe Commutation Act which required tithes in kind to be converted to monetary payments called tithe rentcharge. The Tithe Survey was established to find out:

  • which areas were subject to tithes
  • who owned them
  • who occupied the various parcels of land
  • the usage of the land
  • how much was payable and to whom and so generated these maps and apportionment books

At TheGenealogist you can now pinpoint a record to the exact same coordinates on various historical and modern maps, seeing where an ancestor’s land plot was throughout the eras, even if the landscape has completely changed over the years.

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