RootsTech Connect playlist - hand-picked by the FT team!


04 March 2021
FT editor Helen Tovey and deputy editor Rachel Bellerby share their must-watch recommendations to help you compile your perfect RootsTech playlist.

We were delighted to discover that the RootsTech Connect conference content is available until early 2022, allowing us to learn and discover the genealogy sessions for months to come.

However, with over 2,000 sessions it can be difficult to know where to start. In our latest blog, FT editor Helen Tovey and deputy editor Rachel Bellerby present a playlist of videos they've enjoyed so far. 

Helen Tovey

Understanding X-Chromosome Matching

Not reported on by some of the DNA testing companies, it might be easy to overlook the X-Chromosome. However Michelle Leonard explains the unique application it can have to help you work out how some of your DNA matches fit on your tree, due to the unique way in which the X-chromosome is inherited. The presentation is just 20 minutes long but is packed with insights – I kept pressing pause to let the fascinating information sink in. Highly recommended viewing.

Watch here.

Research Logs

My other recommendation isn’t a specific recording, but I’m enjoying taking in the selection of presentations on research logs and reports, finding it interesting and useful to see the varied options that researchers apply. If, like me, you’re keen to improve the way in which you record your family history findings, I feel sure you’ll find these presentations an enjoyable use of your time as I do, comparing the approaches. Search in the RootsTech Sessions listings for terms such as ‘research logs’, ‘writing and organizing’.

Search here.

Rachel Bellerby

Is everyone here? Strategies for finding complete English families

This is a three-session 'box set' by Jana Greenhalgh that focuses on finding the complete number of children born to a couple - both as part of the story of that family and as a way of breaking through brick walls.

Through a series of examples from her own family history, Jana explains that whenever we, as family historians, see a gap of more than two years between siblings, this is a clue that should spur us onto further research that may reveal more about the families circumstances, for example a move to another town, illness, a death or even a spell in prison - all of which could potentially explain the gap.

Watch here

Using DNA in a client research project to solve a family mystery

Diane Elder takes us through a complete research project to demonstrate how DNA can help solve those brick walls through locality research, analysing sources and creating a report. A great example of good research applied to a family history problem.

Watch here

How to access the RootsTech Connect sessions

RootsTech have confirmed that the sessions will be available until before the next RootsTech, in early 2022. To enjoy the sessions:

  1. Sign in to RootsTech or create an account
  2. Click 'sessions' in the middle of the black menu bar at the top of your screen
  3. Here, you can either explore the sessions by one of the nine topics, or search by title, speaker or topic
  4. Once you've chosen a session, simply click on the item of your choice and then enjoy your video
  5. You can also add sessions to your personal playlist from the top menu bar

We'd love to receive your suggestions too. E-mail Rachel with links to the sessions you've enjoyed and we'll include as many as we can in future newsletters.