New and improved image viewer released by FindMyPast


19 February 2021
FindMyPast has announced a 'major update' that improves accessibility to detail-rich genealogical resources and allows users of the genealogy website to locate and decipher the hidden details within images of original documents.

The new features and tools include:

  • Brightness and contrast adjustors – to help improve the legibility of difficult to read documents. Also included is the option to ‘invert colours’ for those who prefer to read light text on dark backgrounds
  • Previews of previous subsequent pages - Thumbnails of the images either side of an individual record have now been added. This helps users understand what might lie beyond the page they’re initially looking at - whether a volume cover, new volume or record. For the 1911 Census, Findmypast have also created thumbnails for additional information about each volume

  • Page numbers - where available, page numbers have also been made visible. To help navigate volumes in their entirety, users can now see exactly where they are within the document, the total number of pages available, and can jump to any one of them immediately
  • Easier access to transcripts - Where an image has transcripts available, Findmypast now enables users to access any transcript for a person featured in that image from within the viewer itself. This enhances users’ ability to ability to see what names are included in any given image, particularly helpful in cases where old handwriting may be difficult to read. This is available on many record sets such as the 1939 register, Crime and Punishment record set, Passenger Lists etc
  • View transcript on the page within the 1939 Register - Findmypast have used data coordinates to show users transcripts in situ when viewing on desktop, making it much easier to identify individuals and households at a glance

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