London Fire Brigade reports 1915-1918 released


12 March 2021
The impact of air raids on London during World War I is highlighted with the release of London Fire Brigade reports on the FindMyPast website

Many of us have read about the impact of air raids on London and other cities and towns around the UK during World War II, but a new release from FindMyPast sheds light on the air raids of World War I.

London Fire Brigade (LFB) reports 1915-198 is a collection of reports that cover the effect of air raids on the capital in World War I in vivid detail. The transcriptions have been painstakingly taken from original LFB reports and show levels of damage from minor through to tragic.

For example, one report reads: "Some shrubs damaged by fire in yard at the rear of the premises" whilst another states:  "H. T. Good, aged 49 years, and Carolina Good, aged 47 years, burned to death".

What can I find in the records?

Each of these transcriptions includes some or all of the following fields:

*First name

*Last name

*Occupier's name

*Business type


*Event date

*Damage details

*House number


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*Insurance details

*Name and address of landlord

*Raid number

*Bomb number

*Supposed cause of fire

*Time brigade called

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