Latest family history offers


30 June 2022
Save on your family history. Check out the latest offers' details below. If you know of a genealogy discount that you think Family Tree visitors would enjoy hearing about, please email [email protected]

Save on your family history research with our collection of offers below. From a subscription to a record collection website to massive discounts on DNA kits, and a super-saver offer on an annual subscription to Family Tree - these offers relate to invaluable resources to help you trace your family tree.

Family Tree subscription offers: 5 for £5

Sign up (or sign your father up!) for a Family Tree annual subscription and receive the first 5 issues for just £5: click here. You can make savings month after month when you subscribe to Family Tree

AncestryDNA: save £20 or more!

To save £20 on an AncestryDNA® kit and buy it for £59 (RRP £79) plus £9.99 p&p, or to save £25 on an AncestryDNA+Traits kit (RRP £94) plus £9.99 p&p, or to save £20on an AncestryDNA® kit and get a three month membership to Ancestry for £1 (total £60 - RRP £128.99) click here.

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MyHeritage: save £83

Buy MyHeritage's complete annual subscription for £139 (RRP £222): to save click here.

And to buy a MyHeritage DNA kit for £39 (RRP £79), click here.

The Genealogist: save £20

To save £20 on a Diamond Personal Premium 6 month subscription to, click here