Israel Genealogy Research Association reaches 2 million records landmark


26 July 2021
More than 100 volunteers have worked on this collection in the last 10 years and it now includes records relating to communities in countries of the Middle East such as Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and others.

In 2012 the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) took it upon itself, to prepare databases from materials available in Israel that include the Ottoman period through the early years of the State of Israel to be accessible on its website.

A small part of the IGRA collection has come to the IGRA through private donations from people who had prepared the files for their own use. IGRA has material from more than 60 archives and libraries around the world. The list can be seen here at the IGRA website.

The collection has been tagged as belonging to 15 different types, enabling users of the site to select material relevant to their search. 


How to get started

IGRA does its outmost to allow its material to be searched both in Hebrew and English and the search engine allows you to search either with exact results or phonetic matches. The rules of transliteration that IGRA follow may not always show the name as you think the names of the person were spelled. It is best to search in both Hebrew and English. 

You can begin your search after registering to the website. It is free to register and to search, but details and available scans can only be seen if you have a paid subscription.