Genealogy Gadgets & Apps for All Occasions


15 August 2022
In Family Tree we have been looking at the sorts of genealogy gadgets and apps, hardware and software, that can make your family history life run more smoothly. Below you'll find the useful links mentioned so far... We hope you find them useful to explore

The first issue in the Genealogy Gadgets & Apps for All Occasions series appeared in the June 2022 issue of Family Tree, on sale now.

Note: The magazine issue of Family Tree, in which something is mentioned, is included in []. e.g. [June 2022].

Online family tree

Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast, TreeView, and WikiTree are each places at which you may like to create an online tree [June 2022]

See for an extensive list of further alternative options [June 2022]

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Family history software

Family Historian 7 [June 2022]

Family Tree Maker 2019 [June 2022, August 2022 (question about upgrading to newer version)]

Heredis [June 2022]

Legacy 9 [June 2022]

RootsMagic 8 [June 2022]

Reunion 13 [June 2022]

Custodian 4 [August 2022, tips on getting started. See also an FT reader's view of using the software - click here]

Mobile apps for family history

Family Tree Maker Connect [June 2022]

RootsMagic [June 2022]

Heredis [June 2022]

Reunion Touch [June 2022]

Research aids

Zotero [July 2022]

Zim [July 2022]

Online Repository Assistant [August 2022] [September 2022]


OneNote [June 2022]

GoodNotes [June 2022]

Notability [June 2022]

Family history writing

The Creative Family Historian [July 2022]

Scrivener [June 2022]

Reading aids

NaturalReader [July 2022]

Text to Speech Reader [July 2022]

Organising a trip

Google Travel [June 2022]

Tripit [June 2022]


Lucid Chart [June 2022] [August 2022]


GRO online birth and death indexes [August 2022]

Rakonto [September 2022]


FamilyTreeDNA's Group Administrator Pages (GAP) [September 2022] [September 2022]

Submitting your ideas

If you have a piece of kit, hardware or software, that you find useful for your family history, we would love to hear. Please email [email protected] and we will try to include it in a future issue of Family Tree and/or on this, our useful links post.