Four Ancestry search tips you (probably) haven't tried


09 December 2019
Ancestry search tips
Think you've exhausted every ancestor search on the Ancestry website? These four lesser-known features could take you along lines of research you never considered.

Ancestry is a world-renowned genealogy website, used by family history enthusiasts around the world. Whether you've been using Ancestry for years or have just begun to build your family tree on the site, don't miss these four lesser-known search tips.

1. Recently-viewed collections/recent searches

Each of these appear on the main search page at Ancestry. Don’t ignore them when you log in as they are a very useful tool – letting you pick up your research from where you left off. ‘Recent searches’ in particular saves you having to remember or write down all the filters you used last time you were on the site.

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2. Explore by location

This is also on the main search page and allows you to use a map to find records for a particular country/county. You can then filter by particular types of record.

3. Suggested records

This is on the record transcription page for each search result. It works similarly to Amazon’s ‘people who bought this also liked’ and is very useful for spotting other records of the same person or family without doing a whole new search.

4. Maps and photos

In transcription pages for 1911 census results, you’ll find links to historical maps and also old local photos. These are fantastic for adding context and a greater understanding of the area.

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