Explore unique UK records at Deceased Online


05 May 2020
Discover Deceased Online, the only national database dedicated to statutory British burial and cremation records.

The records from Deceased Online are supplied directly from local authorities and private cemeteries and crematoria from all over the UK, enabling global genealogy research across a national database.

Millions of carefully presented specialist records are available to search on Deceased Online, and millions more are currently in process.

Family history help

Burial and cremation records are both extremely useful and popular among family history researchers and genealogists.  

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“Those seeking ancestors are increasingly interested in more than just the register information,” explains Director Jamie Burges-Lumsden.  “They want to know who shares the grave, and where people were buried or had ashes scattered, and they want to visit these locations.”  

Unique records

Deceased Online is leading the way with a unique range of UK records which no other website carries. Their essential resources include:

  • scans of the original burial and cremation registers
  • links to details of the other occupants in a person's grave
  • cemetery maps showing the locations of graves
  • photographs and transcriptions of memorials and headstones
  •  lots of other vital personal information....  

The records at Deceased Online frequently provide researchers with the crucial missing link.

Start at the End.  Find your ancestors online now at Deceased Online

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