City of York Trade Directories 1781-1955: new at FindMyPast


27 May 2022
Find your York ancestors in trade directories
A new collection of 720,000 records at FindMyPast can provide you with an insight into what your York ancestor did for a living.

Did your ancestor trade in the city of York in Yorkshire, England? Trade directories can be important sources of information about what our ancestors did for a living and where they traded. Findmypast has just published 16 separate trade directory titles that cover close to 200 years of commerce in the city of York.

Find your York ancestors

Depending on the years and volumes accessed, expect to see the name of your ancestor and the business with which they were associated. Expect to find business addresses with telephone numbers appearing in 20th-century editions.

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Perhaps your ancestor also paid for advertising, in which case you may see full, half or quarter page adverts promoting their business. Typically, expect to see the following information about your ancestor:

  • Name
  • Occupation or trade
  • Address

Trade directories can help you track your ancestor across the years and so look out for multiple entries across year books and directories.

Explore the collection at FindMyPast.

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