Add the power of audio to your family history photos with FileShadow


12 April 2023
Add audio to your photos and videos with FileShadow
Add multiple audio memories to family history images and videos with a new feature at FileShadow.

Unveiled at this year’s RootsTech in Salt Lake City, FileShadow now has a feature that allows users to add multiple audio recordings to a photo or video, with the facility for family members around the world to work together.

Users can enjoy a free 30-day trial and then benefit from the below features, aimed at family historians:

  • FileShadow automatically collects all your files from wherever they are stored -- desktops, Google Drive, Dropbox, your phone, email, portable hard drives, etc. 
  • By evaluating your files, FileShadow creates automatic metadata tags so your content can be categorized. 
  • Through those metadata tags and OCR of scanned content, you can find photos of a family reunion in New York or London, a scanned letter or newspaper article from 1960, or images of a beach vacation. 
  • You can create collections of files and share them with others with a public URL. You can also post your collections to Ancestry or FamilySearch. 
  • You can record Grandma's memories of a family photo, and the system attaches the recording to the file, and it creates a transcript of the conversation.
  • Also includes integration with FamilySearch.

Users can create Website Collections of any files including documents, photos, recordings and transcripts so that they can be shared with anyone, regardless of location and whether or not they are FileShadow users. Anyone inside or outside the File Shadow system can contribute files to Website Collections.

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For a free 30-day trial of File Shadow, click here.