70,000 new records added to FindMyPast's Asia, Far East Directories & Chronicles 1833-1941


13 December 2021
Hong Kong harbour
This collection of directories and chronicles cover the international community in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Indo-China, Straits Settlements, Malaysia, Siam, Dutch East Indies, Borneo and The Philippines.

Consisting of over 70,000 records printed in books that were published between 1833-1941, the collection provides listings of active corporations, foreign residents and government agencies of all nationalities for each particular year, together with their addresses in countries including Borneo, China, Indo-China, Japan, Korea and The Philippines.

They were compiled annually from many different local sources, and include names and addresses of Western corporations, institutions, consulates and foreign residents including large numbers of Americans, Canadians and Australians. Details of the residents include addresses, occupations and employers.

Parts of these books can also contain details of treaties, conflicts, changes of jurisdiction, relevant law, currencies and taxes, public holidays, festivals and traditions.

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