47,000 non-conformist church records for Lancashire added to FamilySearch


18 May 2022
St Mary's RC Church, Broughton, Lancashire
Discover new details about the lives of your Lancashire ancestors with the addition of 47,795 free to access records at FamilySearch.

The non-conformist records contain baptisms/christenings, marriages, and deaths in Lancashire from the following religions:

  • Baptist
  • Wesleyan
  • Protestant
  • Bible Christian Church
  • Welsh Baptist
  • Presbyterian
  • Unitarian
  • Catholic
  • Methodist
  • Independent
  • Congregational
  • New Jerusalem
  • Inghamite
  • Calvinistic
  • Scotch National Church
  • Moravian
  • Universal
  • Society of Friends
  • Church of Christ and United Reformed

The information that you can find will vary, but will typically include some or all of the following: name, date of the event, age of the person concerned, name of parents (for baptisms), residence and occupation of bride and groom (marriage) and birthdate and place of deceased (burial).

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