3 million+ Irish records added to FindMyPast


25 June 2021
The records cover over 250 years of Irish history
More than three million newly-digitised and exclusive Irish records covering the years 1627 to 1855 have been added to FindMyPast.

Three large Irish collections have been added to the popular genealogy website this week: court of chancery bill books, court of exchequer bill books and petty sessions court registers.

Irish court of chancery bill books, 1627-1884

This vast collection of court records spans over 250 years of Irish legal history. 

Containing over 1.2 million new records from the National Archives of Ireland, each transcript will reveal the date and locations of proceedings as well as the names of those involved. Images will provide further information on your ancestors and their dealings with the court.

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Irish court of exchequer bill books, 1627-1884

As one of Ireland's most senior courts, the court of exchequer mainly dealt with cases concerning equity. As such, you'll find the records full of land holders, business owners, merchants, professionals and farmers with large estates.

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Irish petty sessions court registers

The Petty Sessions handled the bulk of lesser legal cases, both criminal and civil. The entire collection now contains over 22 million records.

Each record includes both a transcript and image of the original document. The information contained varies but most transcripts will provide your ancestors name, address, court dates and whether they were a witness, complainant and defendant. Images often provide a great deal of additional information including details of the offence, verdict and sentencing.

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Please note that a subscription to FindMyPast is needed to view the records. FindMyPast often offer a free trial, and many archives and libraries offer free access to the database to their ticket holders.