2,738 parish tithe maps added to Map Explorer™at TheGenealogist


22 March 2021
Lacock Abbey on a tithe map accessed on a mobile phone
Geo-referenced tithe maps for parishes in seven UK counties have been added to TheGenealogist.

The geo-referenced Tithe maps as a layer over modern and other historical maps at TheGenealogist allow you to see how the landscape changed over time, switching between layers of tithe, historical and modern maps which are all tied to coordinates, thus showing how places change over the years. 

The newly-added tithe maps cover the counties of:

  • Anglesey
  • Durham
  • Devon
  • Shropshire
  • Somerset
  • Suffolk
  • Wiltshire

What land did my ancestor hold?

From a plot identified on the tithe map it's possible to click through to then see the description as it was recorded in the apportionment record at the time, thus revealing more about what an ancestor’s holding had been. Using Map Explorer™ you can browse an ancestor’s area to find other plots that they owned or occupied.

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Alternatively, TheGenealogist’s Master Search can be used to look for ancestors’ plots across the tithe records and then view them on Map Explorer™.

Subscribers accessing TheGenealogist on their mobile devices while out walking can use the 'locate me' function when using the tool on the move and so open up the history of what is around them. 

Explore the maps at TheGenealogist