Susie Douglas's Baxter Pickering chart showing those with DNA matches

Below are two charts, relating to Steps 6 and 9 of Susie Douglas's article in the May 2022 issue of Family Tree. In order that you may study them at a legible size we are sharing them here, rather than publishing them in the magazine. Pan across the page to view each chart. You may also right-click to save the image to your device. Images published with permission of Susie Douglas. They are shared solely for your personal study and not for wider distribution or publication. We hope you find them interesting and useful. Any queries, please email [email protected] and she will pass them on to Susie.

Above: Chart relating to Step 6 of Susie Douglas's article. Chart shows descendants of John ARMSTRONG and Mary KIRK.

Above: Chart relating to Step 9 of Susie Douglas's article. Chart shows PICKERING-BAXTER descendants who have DNA matches.