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A wonderful box of family history goodies to help you with your research

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Family Tree: Ultimate Kit

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Inside this year's Family Tree: Ultimate Kit...

Family Tree Magazine 2020 diary: featuring essential family history websites for you to visit every week. Make genealogy top of your to-do list!
Writing your family history: A practical workbook showing you how to write up your research with useful
charts, logs and interview sheets. A perfect way to preserve your memories.
Fun stickers: Customise your laptop, Kindle, or anything else, and let people know about your family history fun
Family Tree Chart: You can never have enough charts, essential for getting organized and displaying your family history
Pencil: You’ll need this for filling out your chart
‘I dig family history’ badge: Because who doesn’t love a badge
English teabag: You’ll need lots of tea to get through your research!
Cup coaster: Keep this nearby, but not too close to your precious documents

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