How to start your Family Tree

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Thinking of tracing your family tree? Well you’ve come to the right place. This little guide is packed with all the essential info you need to begin. Download and print out today!

On Sale: 06/08/2021

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How to start your Family Tree

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What's in this Download?

This downloadable guide will show you the must-visit websites to explore, explain those historic records that hold the secrets to your ancestors’ lives, and give you the low-down on DNA (it’s amazing the clues your genes hold about your roots).

Contents include: 

  • How to grow your family tree
    Learn how to draw up a family tree chart. It’s a great way to keep your discoveries organised!
  • The census made easy
    Discover how this essential family history record can take your research back to the start of Queen Victoria’s reign
  • How to get started with birth, marriage & death records
    Did you know, birth, marriage and death certifi cates are key building blocks to help your research?
  • Top websites for beginners
    The web is your best family history friend – if only you know where to look. We show you the must-see sites!
  • Working out family relationships
    Do you know what a second cousin is, or what a cousin three times removed is? We bust the jargon for you, plus give you a handy chart to help you work out how you’re related to who

PLUS: Write up your family history, Easy family history steps for children, Future-proof your family tree, Your next steps.

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