October 2019

Follow our easy steps to getting your family tree organised, learn how to find your family in Wales, free records worth £39, plus uncovering secrets in the census! ... Read More >>

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Inside the October 2019 issue of Family Tree magazine:

Get your tree organised

Follow our easy and affordable advice for great research

New to researching family history?

We show you where and how to find those clues

Plus 20 essential websites to explore

What secrets does the census hold?

The census is packed with clues, but sometimes we find more than we bargained for. Here family historian Ann Simcox looks as the secrets that may be lurking within the pages of these government records

Top tools & tactics for today’s genealogist

The web and the digital devices have transformed how family history research is done. Make sure you’re not missing a trick, and that you’re putting all that the tech of today has to offer you to make your family history as organised, well researched - and enjoyable - as possible!

Plus the Family Tree magazine regulars, to help family history enthusiasts gain practical genealogy knowledge:

- Taken a DNA test? Now what? – DNA explained in simple terms
- Techy tips for family historians – see how you can help with an indexing project
- Your questions answered – researchers help readers solve their family history puzzles