October 2017

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On Sale: 29 Aug 2017

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Inside our October 2017 issue you can enjoy:

  • Fighting in the Trenches: WW1 DVD- Learn about the 24 hour daily routine of building trenches in the dark and watching out for an enemy that could attack at any time. Discover the weapons your Tommy fought with at the Front and explore unit war diaries for a first-hand official account of your soldier’s unit in WW1
  • How to get started and keep going with solid research-  This new feature will provide family historians of all levels with ideas of how to do your family history in detail to find out the full story of your ancestors’ lives
  • How to start and run a one-name study- Learn about the specialist researchers who investigate their chosen name, and see how you can learn from their top-notch research skills
  • Ancestors & the Russian Revolution- Looking at our ancestors’ politics and fight for working rights – their attitudes towards communism, trade unionism & more
  • Searching for schools- Don’t forget your family members’ junior years. Check out their time as children and examine their school days, with useful websites to get started.
  • Old maps explored- Maps are vital for learning about the past. Find out more with our bumper guide to the historic maps that can boost your research.
  • Factory workers’ clothes- Millions of our ancestors worked in the factory in hot, dangerous, dirty conditions. Find out more about them with leading family history dress historian Jayne Shrimpton.

Plus so much more that we know you’re going to love!

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