November 2018

First World War centenary commemorative issue with jam-packed articles to help you research and remember your ancestors’ lives 1914-1918 ... Read More >>

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Inside our special commemorative November 2018 issue you can enjoy:

- When this bloody war is over

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 remains firmly embedded in the minds of most people. It is the time that the First World War came to an end. However, when the minute hand ticked over to 11.01 the war was still to have considerable meaning for many of our ancestors. Keith Gregson looks at the reverberations of the war on individuals and communities long after the last bullet had been fired.

- Key military family history records & how to use them

Get to grips with the must-search military history records to help you trace your ancestors’ lives and service 1914-1918, with our indepth study guide – part of the Family Tree Academy.

- Charity cases

Crucially the First World War occurred before the advent of the Welfare State. In addition, the number of people suffering horrific life-changing injuries was overwhelming. The First World War saw a number of charities emerge, to help these injured service personnel pick up the shattered pieces of their lives. We look at the role of the charties in a post-war world, and their role in society to this day.

- Hero volunteer projects

When the centenary of the First World War began back in 2014 it became clear that this four-year campaign to look anew at the past was going to lead to some fascinating and important new discoveries and projects. Chris Paton discusses key projects commemorating 1914-1918 and the impact on our understanding of this key period of history.

- Decoding a death penny

It was the award that your family members hoped never to hold in their hands. The large bronze memorial plaque issued to servicemen who died in the war. Learn how to decode the clues inscribed on this most valuable family artefact.

- How to research your ancestors’ war years

A beginner’s guide to tracing family in the First World War. First steps on your military history journey.

The years of war, as reflected in the clothes once worn

A history of clothing, 1914-1918, and an explanation of its evolution in a changing, traumatised world.