March 2018

FREE Family Tree Chart, easy ways to build a family history website, plus remembering mothers in the Great War ... Read More >>

On Sale: 13 Feb 2018

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Inside the March 2018 issue of Family Tree magazine you will find:

  • YOUR FREE Family Tree Chart: A2 poster pedigree chart to help you plot your ancestors, with essential websites and tips
  • Top tips for searching the major family history websites: With millions, even billions, of family history records, the major family history websites truly are treasure troves for the digital genealogist. However, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the quantity of search results. And also with how to keep track of the ever-growing number of digital collections. Using these tips, we’ll help you search smarter, and keep track of those all-important records you need!
  • How to build a cracking family history website: Step-by-step guide to building your own website to preserve and share your family’s story
  • All about the Stuarts: Where history meets family history. You learned about this famous family once at school long ago, now research these royals with a genealogist’s point of view.
  • Spring is in the air! How to plant a Dig for Victory garden: It’s time to don those wellies, dig out the fork from the back of the shed, and learn to garden like an ancestor.
  • Turning back the pages of the past: exploring photo albums: Photo-dating expert Jayne Shrimpton shows us how to piece together the stories of the ancestors shown in our family photo albums.
  • Somebody’s son: Researching and remembering the mothers of the soldiers in the First World War.
  • Top 10 Irish family history resources: Get started searching in the Emerald Isle

Here's our editor Helen showcasing our lovely family tree chart:


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