June 2019

Whether you're seeking the story of your WW2 veterans who fought at D-Day, or tracing your tree across continents to bring your family back together again, we've got a host of advice and tales to help and inspire you. ... Read More >>

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Inside the June issue of Family Tree:

Top tips for writing your family history

Make it happen! With our easy steps to writing your family history this will be a dream goal that becomes a reality. Learn how to craft a good tale and create a collection of family stories and research to be treasured for generations to come with Chris Lightfoot

Putting flesh on the bones – putting your ancestors’ lives in context

Tracing your family tree is so much more than just gathering those names and dates. Discover how to research their lives, homes and villages in detail. Professional researcher Kim Cook shows you strategies and sources to help you put flesh on the bones of your family history research.

It really isn’t all on the web!

We love the internet as much as you, when it comes to researching our family history. But we’ve got to remember that the archives are the treasure troves we ignore at our peril. Family historian Valerie Brenton looks at those unindexed name rich sources that can add so much to your research, concentrating by way of example on the records of landed gentre.

Top 10 sins & how to repent

Blogger Paul Chiddicks has written about the top ten sins of the family history enthusiast. Read on to see if you’re guilty  - but don’t panic if you are. We’ve got also got the top 10 solutions to get your research back on track.

Plus the Family Tree magazine regulars, to help family history enthusiasts gain practical genealogy knowledge:

Taken a DNA test? Now what? – DNA explained in simple terms
Techy tips for family historians – see how you can help with an indexing project
Your questions answered – researchers help readers solve their family history puzzles