June 2018

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On Sale: 08 May 2018

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Inside the June 2018 issue of Family Tree magazine you will find:

- Taken a DNA test, now what? – New series

DNA tests are increasingly becoming a mainstream family history tool, but receiving your test results can lead to more questions than answers. In our brand new series, experienced family historian Karen Evans explains – in jargon-free language - what DNA test results mean and how to use them to enhance your family history.

- Pull-out guide: a directory of historical associations and societies

From romans to railways, military to memorabilia, there are numerous societies around the country. Discover a society that relates to your ancestor’s occupation or social history and you’ll learn so much more about times gone by

- Ancestors’ travel journals

From Daniel Defoe to Celia Fiennes, see the landscape and communities through the eyes of contemporary travelers from centuries past. With key leads to free online reads

- How to gain research skills & explore personal records

Genealogist Michael Heafford leafs through personal papers from history and shows the light they can shed about lives from the past.

- Investigating cemeteries & graveyards

A master-class guide to cemeteries and graveyards, with ‘Records of death’ author and expert, Celia Heritage.

- Feel of fashion: 1840s to 1870s

What did your ancestors wear in the mid-1800s? Discover the fashions of the time, and see how the clues can help you date your family photos too.

- Plus the Family Tree Academy!

The Family Tree Academy is your opportunity to really hone your family history research skills. With every issue of Family Tree we will be setting you genealogy challenges to help you improve your research skills. With a professional researcher as your tutor in Family Tree you will get the chance to:

1. Tackle research case studies

2. Learn about a broad range of records

3. Take your research to the next level

The Family Tree Academy is available FREE to all readers of Family Tree. Find part 1 of the Family Tree Academy in the Christmas issue!