January 2019

New Year New You? See what's in store for the family history world in 2019, plus new strategies for better research and see how much you can discover in 12 months! ... Read More >>

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Inside our January 2019 issue you can expect all of this:

Looking forward to next year

Get a sneak peek at what’s in store for the family history world in 2019!

How do we get to the truth?

Exploring the twisting trail to the truth, plus strategies for solid historical research. Professional genealogist Donald Davis considers the important matter of investigating thoroughly and how to establish accurate historical evidence.

Exploring the borders & boundaries of the British Isles

One thing history teaches is that the world is always changing. Here Chris Paton takes the long-view of history & nationhood (& the latest chapter: Brexit). What does this mean for our ancestors’ work, lives, sense of identity?

365 days in the life of a family historian

Turn the pages of a researcher’s diary and see how much can be learnt in 12 months!

Brand new Academy series

Kickstart 2019 with the brand new Academy challenges and watch your genealogy know-how grow